The Paint & Poems Mission

The world is full of magic and wonder, and yet sometimes it can be hard to find it through the myriad of negativity that plagues our endless screens.

But still it exists, inside each and every one of us.

The trouble is that in order to feel it -  to really feel it - we need to fuel it properly. Unfortunately nowadays we can't even look at our phones without learning of some sort of scandal or catastrophe that's shaking the world.

Negativity breeds negativity, devouring hope and dimming that spark of magic that we all possess. 

But not extinguishing it.

Paint & Poems is on a mission to ignite that spark within everybody.

Our arsenal's comprised of typewriters, stamps, envelopes, and an abundance of imagination. 

We aim to encourage people to take time for themselves, connect with their creativity, and rediscover their magic - all whilst supporting grassroots artists! 

The world is full of magic and wonder. We want to help you find it.