A Hopeful December

A Hopeful December

A collaboration between Lila Miller & Calder Robinson


December 2023




Lila Miller




"I live and work in the U.S., specifically in Savannah, Georgia, where I immerse myself in various creative endeavors. As a poet, writer, and multimedia artist, I've ventured into different artistic outlets. I've published seven analog zines and recently expanded into creating apparel and other merchandise.

Currently, I'm diligently compiling my inaugural book of poems for forthcoming publication.

My passion lies in the realm of southern gothic writing, and I find joy in portraying life as the ultimate self-portrait. You can follow my creative journey on Instagram under the handle Broodingbabe."




Calder Robinson



"I’m Calder Robinson, an artist and illustrator coming out of the Midwest. I’m finishing up a BFA in illustration this spring, and beginning to make it work as a freelance illustrator (illustrating a few children’s books).



If I’m trying to be fancy I’ll say “As an illustrator, I strive to communicate complex topics with clarity and empathy, attempting to help viewers make sense of the world around them.” If I'm not trying to be fancy, I’d say I draw little dudes in whatever weird scenarios my subconscious comes up with, trying to use simple imagery and symbolism to communicate as clearly as possible."


Instagram: @calder.robinson


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