a wing and a prayer

a wing and a prayer

A collaboration between CJ Giovanni & Jennifer Tarr

CJ Giovanni

"I’m CJ Giovanni, also known as Cyd, a Savannah native celebrated for my talents in poetry, graphic design, visual arts, and photography.

I find liberation through my creative expressions. Inspired by Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, and the Black Arts Movement, I explore themes of faith, mental health, music, love, and the Black experience. 

My dynamic performances, including being the 2023 Savannah Grammar Poetry Slam 2nd Place winner and featured artist at events like Savannah Day of Peace and the Juneteenth Youth Power Festival, blend music with spoken word to evoke raw historical narratives and reflect on life's complexities and enduring love. "


Jennifer Tarr


"I am a contemporary illustrator based in Bournemouth, UK. My drawing-based practice is loose and playful, using mixed-media to explore people and the landscapes we inhabit.


Specialising in editorial illustration, as well as site-specific and place-making artworks for communal spaces, my work explores the relationship between people and the great outdoors, connection and wellbeing."
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