I am the proud friend of a cat

I am the proud friend of a cat

A collaboration between Ryan Wilkinson & Brooks Davis


January 2024




Ryan Wilkinson




"I have been interested in poetry since a very young age - when the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror introduced me to Edgar Allan Poe. 

Something about the rhythm and the rhyme scheme struck me as incomparably sublime - plus the deep themes of love, death, memory, and loss. Since then I have been fascinated by much of classic poetry - particularly the old Romantics and genres close to it.


I have worked for several years now as an English teacher, and I constantly strive to give everyone an appreciation for the beauty that can be found in poetry, as well as the profundity of its meaning and messages.


This poem does not share quite the same themes, but I have made reference to many of my favourite poets and even musicians (itself an ode to TS Eliot - how could one not mention him in a poem about cats?)


Hope you enjoy!"




Brooks Davis



"Originally from Savannah, Georgia, my artistic journey began at the Savannah Arts Academy and continued as I pursued studies in Architecture and User Experience Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Exploring a myriad of artistic styles and techniques has been a constant quest in my life, driving me to always refine my skills.

However, it wasn't until my deep affection for my pets, a cat and dog, intersected with my technical proficiency that I discovered this distinctive artistic style. Using graphite on cold press paper, I uncovered a unique style that brings forth a captivating depth and dimension in my work.


What resonates deeply with me is the portrayal of animals’ distinct personalities on paper. Each stroke embodies their essence, becoming a labor of love that fills me with profound satisfaction. My art isn’t solely about aesthetics; it's a heartfelt attempt to encapsulate the vibrancy of life and the soulful presence of our beloved companions."


Instagram: @drawingsbybrooks


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