Kind Lines

Kind Lines

A collaboration between S-bars & Nina Goodyer


December 2021


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S-bars profile


"Hey guys! I’m S-bars, a London-based creative artist. I’ve been performing across the city since 2017, taking my audience on a journey through lyricism and rap-feel rhythm.


I love performing and writing poetry, though it wasn’t my first love – and still isn’t my only tool for self-expression. I love acting, singing and dancing, all of which feed into my everyday life by using the power of these art forms to bring people together.


Kind Lines poem


For my poem Kind Lines, I wanted to write about the idea of appreciating normality. At this time of year it is so easy to get caught up in excess, but I believe it is a real privilege to be able to find joy in the everyday realities of life.


It’s always worth remembering: sometimes it’s the tiniest things that can turn someone’s day around!”




Nina Goodyer



Nina Goodyer profile


"I am an illustrator from Brighton, now living in the big smoke! I like to use vibrant colours and printed textures to make fun, nostalgic images. My illustrations are often light-hearted or humorous and I’ve created commissions for the Scouts, the NHS and Pollock’s Toy Museum. I also enjoy sharing my creativity through running arts workshops.


Envelope designed by Nina Goodyer


I really loved creating this illustration for Poems By Post and responding to S-bars’ poem. I wanted to create a picture that felt both warm and wintery, reflecting the hopeful nature of the poem. S-bars mentions dancing as well as watching Labyrinth, and these were the perfect references to recreate a joyful moment of being cooped up inside with someone you love."


Artwork by Nina Goodyer



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