There are days

There are days

A collaboration between Sallyanne & Stacey Smith


August 2023











I’m Sallyanne Rock, a queer, neurodivergent poet living in a little town called Stourbridge in England, UK.


The inspiration for this poem is the magnolia tree - particularly the Saucer Magnolia with its large white and pink blossoms. This tree brings me complete delight every spring when I see those flowers bursting open into the sky! My friend and I send each other photos of the most magnificent ones we see on our daily travels. It’s such a glorious few weeks of sharing that I can’t help but feel disappointed when the petals start to fall. This is when the magnolia reminds me about joy and strength. Have you seen the bright, succulent leaves that magnolias grow once the blossoms have fallen? Shiny and strong, they give us huge bursts of vibrant green that last right through to autumn.

And that’s what I tried to capture in the poem, the tiny joys and daily moments of contentment that we need to sustain us when things aren’t going so well. I hope this poem might be one of those moments of joy for you.


Much love,


Sallyanne xx "


Instagram : @sall_rocks_poetry




Stacey Smith



"My name is Stacey Smith and I’m a visual artist and designer. One of my more recent projects, The Covers, involves painting abstract landscapes to the duration of songs. My usual process involves an element of synesthesia where I translate the colours and forms that arrive to me as I visualise what I’m hearing. Wanting to branch out and translate literature, I saw this as the perfect opportunity for me to dip my toe into how the written word can stimulate a visual in my mind.



‘There are days’ is a beautiful poem, rich with descriptive colour and textures. I felt that the absolute message of hope really poured through to me in the line, ‘Tomorrow could be the most beautiful sunrise of your life’ and it was this imagery that I wanted to have power in the art piece. I felt the feelings of anxiety coming through in dark clouds and the elements resembling broken glass. ‘Breathe easy’ is my only use of text, a nod to the typewriter and a thank you to the ever transcending therapy that art can provide us with.


Words are love…

Music is love…

Art is power…


Love Stace x"


Instagram : @_the_covers



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