All my words are birdsong

All my words are birdsong

A collaboration between Monika Radojevic & Alexander Ardisson


August 2022


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Monika Radojevic



Monika Radojevic Profile


"Hi! My name is Monika Radojevic. I’m a half-Brazilian and half-Montenegrin poet, creative and campaigner, and I write to make sense of life and process the very best and worst of it all. In May of last year, my debut collection, teeth in the back of my neck was published by Penguin Random House, and I’m currently working on my first short story collection. 


All my words are birdsong poem


I wrote this poem to try and capture the feeling of summer and the euphoria it brings. It’s my favourite season, and I think it’s because it’s still light and gorgeous by 8pm, so the possibilities of the day are still endless. I wanted the poem to capture that sense of elation and also of the slight absurdity the heat can bring. I just really want readers to feel good by the time they get to the end. We’re living in tough times right now, joy is important to protect. Thank you for reading my work!"




Alexander Ardisson



Alexander Ardisson Profile


"I am Alexander Ardisson, an artist working in Brighton. I focus mainly on observational drawings, clothing (jumpers) and painting.


I love to capture daily life as it happens infront of me and continue to build my brand – Lite Ardisson/Lite club.




Alex A card design


This work was created as one of my first instinctive impressions upon reading the poem. I use felt tip as a way to get down imagery and colour as quickly as possible with good control. It was nice to pull away from observational work and embroidery to create this and I am delighted to complement this poem for Poems by Post."


Alexander Ardisson Envelope Design




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