Or Breathe

Or Breathe

A collaboration between Serena Young & Baxter Orr


Serena Young

"Hello, I’m Serena Young, a high school senior who loves to to appreciate the beauty in life. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 30+ countries and have volunteered over 1500+ hours of community service. My passions lie between the fields of English and Psychology, and I can’t wait to pursue them as my majors in college. 

My personal development journey started at the age of seven, which prompted me to learn from role models such as Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Shetty. Since then, I have co-founded Athena Sisterhood, a global community of 1.6k women, served as a peer coach, and been invited as a teen speaker by multiple summits. I am the Director of Photography for my school's newspaper, Twice-Told Tale, a publication that won first in the nation for over 20 years. As a hobby, I like to post restaurant reviews and has racked up 7M+ views on Google Reviews. 
I am always looking for ways to grow and contribute. Here are a few things I love (in no particular order and by no means all-encompassing): family, indie films, unfiltered laughter, black combat boots, lovingly annotated books, friendly & intelligent banter, making my bed, (any) Asian food, crossing off to-do list items, snuggly hugs (preferably prolonged), satisfying character arcs, elegant & delicate jewellery, post-workout endorphins, writing birthday cards, and stories!!

Feel free to contact me for poetry work or to chat about anything I love. You can find me on Instagram @loveserenayoung. Read more of my work at www.loveserenayoung.com."


Baxter Orr


"I am an Artist, Designer, and Collector residing in Savannah, Georgia. I love to think, create, and travel.

Meeting creative individuals out in the wild and collaborating on unique, independent projects brings me immense joy. You can find my work at www.baxterpop.com or follow me on Instagram @baxterpop."

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