Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

A collaboration between Trev Cimenski & Emma Arnold


April 2023





Trev Cimenski




"Hello! I'm Trevor I'm a 26-year-old poet from Minnesota who writes about how candles are like dogs and how Wednesdays are like hell and sometimes other stuff as well.


I read a lot of my work online, and I am currently working on my second poetry collection. It's hard talking about my stuff but I've been told my poetry is the type that makes you need a hug, and then gives you one. I love any art that falls under that tone, any art that makes us feel something. That makes us laugh or cry or frightened or think. If you ever read any more of my work I hope you find something like that there."



Emma Arnold




"Hi, I’m Emma and I’m an artist/designer from Florida! I’m currently a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying Advertising. I just love all things creative!

My mom is an artist so I grew up painting and sketching whenever I wasn’t outside playing with my farm animals. I like to incorporate elements of whimsical nature and vibrant colors in my paintings, and I’m really inspired by anything fantasy. 




Another big passion of mine is playing guitar, singing, and writing songs. One day I hope to be an Art Director working for an advertising agency, but who knows what I’ll find myself doing after college! Fun fact about me is that I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings movies over 150 times easily!"


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