One thing born of another

One thing born of another

A creative curation by Josh Rawlinson


July 2022





Josh Rawlinson




"Hello to the 'Poems by Post' community, I am a London born artist and writer. I have always enjoyed the written word, each word has a sound and life all its own, and how they look on the page is a wonderful contemplation to me. I also keep a visual diary by way of a sketchbook and drawings, particularly life-drawing - but also the urban landscape, the river and people, cafes, finding it in the ordinary if you like.

I have shared my work with Alex and Reuben, both written and visual, and am so pleased to be asked to be July's featured poet/artist.


The title 'One thing born of another' reflects the idea that change is the only constant even when it doesn't feel like it - and to welcome that change both physically and emotionally. 









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