The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower

A collaboration between Stian Bosdal & Marc Francis


May 2023





Stian Bosdal




"My name is Stian and I'm a 38 year aged he/him from Bergen, Norway. A lesser version of what I hope to become, but a greater version of what I used to be.

I'd like to say I've always made up story's and written poetry, and I have. I just never needed it to manifest in anything other than fantasy and thought. Until a couple of years ago when during the pandemic I suffered a massive panic attack that spiralled into a depression.
In a desperate attempt to claw my way back to normality I started writing down EVERYTHING. And I've kept going, writing down all the things that won't seem to let go if I don't.

So to anyone who ends up reading my bio I'd like to say this: Pick up a pen and paper and write, paint or sculpt..  Anything creative that might help you clear your mind!

Feel Good? Journal it. 

Feel Bad? Journal it. 

"wrote it down, write it out"
With a Strangers Love. 
Stian Bosdal/TheOlderPoet

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Marc Francis



"I am a Brighton-based artist and architect with work that harnesses analogue and digital mediums to manifest ideas. I possess acute powers of observation that translate into dynamic 3D realms with strong shadows.



My work interrogates the human condition through design and aims to take the viewer on a sensory journey with dramatic scenes, vistas and vibrant colour."

Instagram - marcfrancisprints93



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