What is your ocean?

What is your ocean?

A collaboration between Sydney Conteh & Joel Sydenham


June 2022





Sydney Conteh




"I am a Siera Leonean-born British writer (born during the civil war), and a proud psychology graduate of Anglia Ruskin University.


Ever since I was young I was writing, in primary school, I would write music lyrics and short stories; that later developed into a deep love of writing that I have today. I am a youth advocate, having been an athletes coach, playworker and teaching assistant; because of this, I aim to use my work to help promote the mental health and wellbeing of kids and teenagers.



To follow the work I do, I have a podcast where you can hear my poems (Thando writing, available on all major podcast providers) and  I run one to one or group writing workshops, if you are interested my contact details will be provided. 


To support the work that I do, I Ko-fi account, for a one-off donation, I have my Instagram, where you can keep up to date on my projects,  and    I am a person-centred poet, I prefer writing personalised commissioned poems for people, as I am a strong believer in the power of a poem that is tailor-made for one person.


For further links and details, available via my linktree account https://linktr.ee/thandowritting, and for a personalised piece, you can contact me directly through my email (sydney_coneh@yahoo.com)."





Joel Sydenham




"I am a self taught Visual Artist and Poet, with a passion for people and human development. My art is heavily influenced by my cultural experiences as well as my belief in an underlying unity between all things in existence.



I create original works of art that are reproduced as limited edition prints and merchandise. I also host workshops designed to encourage creativity and bring communities closer together. The intention with everything I practice is to uplift people, build social bridges, and remind everyone that there is endless beauty within them."





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